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Solid Natural Cream with shea butter Discover our cream made from shea butter and olive oil, perfect moisturizer and restorative on all skins. A universal cream with many extraordinary properties made in a handcrafted way in Marseille.
Natural Argan Oil and Rhassoul Solid Shampoo Discover our handmade organic solid shampoo made from Argan Oil and Rhassoul. Made in Marseille using traditional methods.

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Our healthy products are manufactured in our workshop, located in Marseille, all are hand made and natural cosmetics.

To offer you healthy, synthetic-free products, we have selected naturally occurring, fragrance-free ingredients that are free from colorings and other additives, as we learn new ways in which these additives are harmful to our health each day. We stand in opposition to the industrial manufacturers and their products that are stuffed with chemical ingredients, each of which is more obscure than the last.

A philosophy arose: to recreate the most effective products of all times - those that were used by our ancestors since time immemorial.

Soap made in the traditional Marseille style


A gentle solid shampoo for your hair

Learn more about our natural argan oil and rhassoul shampoo

Toothpaste made in the Middle Eastern tradition

Learn more about our miswak powder toothpaste

A deodorant that controls perspiration and eliminates odor.

learn more about our deodorant made from powdered root of iris florentina

A moisturizing and soothing solid cream with shea butter

Learn more about our Solid natural cream with shea butter

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Handmade production

100% natural products

A family business that's close to you

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Our values for you all

Absolute transparency

We believe that transparency is the key to our society. We want to offer cosmetics that are 100% natural and, to ensure that you can put your trust in us, we cannot keep anything hidden from you. You will, therefore, find a detailed list of the ingredients of all our products, details of where the ingredients and packaging come from, and photos of our day-to-day operations at our premises that are regularly posted on social networks.


Ecology at the heart of our commitment

Our approach - to offering healthy, pure cosmetics - is, of course, accompanied by an environmentally friendly outlook. As such, we are constantly seeking ways to reduce our ecological impact and to reduce our waste, in relation to our manufacturing process, the raw materials used, and in our product packaging. As such, you won't find an invoice or delivery note in your package, and all the packaging that we do send is recyclable or biodegradable.


Made in France, no matter what the product

Our premises are located in Marseille, in the city's oldest neighborhood, the Panier District. We manufacture all our cosmetics ourselves and handle both packaging and shipping as well. We prioritize French suppliers for all our raw materials and manufacturing supplies. Of course, it's not always easy to achieve this ideal, but we do our best to use products that are "made in France" wherever possible or at most from neighboring European countries.