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Natural Olive Oil Soap Learn more about our natural, handmade soaps based on fatty compounds made from 100% organic olive oil. Traditionally manufactured in France by Back To Basics in Marseille.

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Our soaps are suitable for all purposes

How our soap is made

Our soap is manufactured using a process of cold saponification

Our soaps are like they used to be back in the days

Our soaps are universal

Our soaps care for the environment

Our Soaps are economical

What is the difference between our soap and a soap called "Marseille"?

What can you do with our soap?

13 Ways to use our soap

Wash your body

Our soap can be used for all body and intimate parts. You don’t have to use a lot of soap for it to be efficient. The best way to use it is to take a wet washcloth and to rub it 10 times on the soap (that should be sufficient to wash your entire body). If you prefer using liquid soap, you can dilute our soap with water and put it in an empty recipient.

To do so, you need to heat water, gradually add it to the soap whilst stirring and continue to do so until obtaining the “shower gel” texture.

Don’t worry if you don’t see foam when using our soap, it’s perfectly normal. Hygiene has nothing to do with foam, it is a myth put in place by the industrialists to better sell their products.

You can wash your hair.

Use a washcloth to wash your hair. Rub the washcloth over the soap ten times, then rub the top and each side of your head three times in a circular movement. This will give you enough soap to perfectly wash your hair.

Careful: this is not a mass-produced shampoo, so consider rinsing your hair with an abundance of water to ensure it is not too greasy.
About that, if you use industrial soap before switching to our soap, you should be aware that your hair will appear greasy for a few weeks. This is a normal reaction, because your hair has gotten used to the silicone contained in your regular shampoo. It therefore takes a little while before your hair gets used to the absence of silicone and starts being capable of absorbing the glycerine.

 If you have long hair, here is the advice from Ines (one of our clients): “I poor some soap in my hands and I rub it on my scalp with the top of my fingers. The I rinse my hair abundantly with lukewarm water. I finish with a cold-water rinse, it shuts the cuticle tight, sealing the shingle-like outer layer and avoiding it to get greasy too quickly. My hair is nourished, shiny, soft and my curls are beautifully drawn”.


Washing your pet

You can totally use our soap to wash your dog or your cat. Just be careful not to put soap in their eyes and be sure to rinse properly with clear water.

Cleaning your teeth

You can use our soap to wash your teeth. For this nothing simpler. Just take a small jar of sanitized glass (heated in boiled water for example) and then grate your soap (a few grams are enough). Add white clay preferably organic (a teaspoon) and finally 2 drops of essential oils of your choice for smell and taste. Then add a few drops of water and mix until you get a toothpaste. Depending on its thickness add water until it suits you. It's ready!

You can do laundry.

Heat 1 liter of water and add 30 g of our grated soap (or flakes) and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. You can add essential oils to your mixture if you want a particular fragrance. Take a bottle of empty liquid detergent and add your mixture. Let the mixture stand for 24 hours or one night. And that’s it, just use the same quantities as your usual washing liquid. Don’t forget to shake your tin before each use.

 If your water is particularly calcareous, you can add white vinegar as a softener. And we recommend, about once a month, to clean your machine by launching a vacuum program with soda crystals.

Wash your dishes

It's about the same exercise as making washing liquid. Heat 1 liter of water and add 20 g of our grated soap (or flakes), 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of soda crystals. Take a bottle of empty liquid detergent and add your mixture. And that’s it, just use the same quantities as your usual dishwasher product.

You can hydrate your skin after removing make-up.

In the evening, after removing your make-up, you can use our soap to finish up. You will get a clean, hydrated skin and totally get rid of all its impurities. Your complexion will get brighter in no time.

Create your own liquid soap for cleaning dishes or washing your hands

Heat 250 ml of water and add 50 g of our soap. Take an empty foam pusher and then add your mixture. It's over, you can use it according to your habit.

You can soothe sores and rashes.

Our soap is a mild cleanser for the face and body. In case of burns or slight cuts, use our soap to clean the wound. It will also enhance the healing. It can also be used to pamper your nails.

You can shave with it.

Our soap contains enough grease to be used as shaving balm or shaving foam. Simply moisten your soap bar a little, then apply it to the area to be shaved. Shave yourself as normal, rinse, and dab it with a towel. Thanks to our natural soap, you won’t be needing any cologne.

Wash the floor

Heat 1 liter of water and add 30 g of our soap, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Take an empty bottle and add your mixture. Put 1 dose of your production in 1 liter of water and then wash your floor.
You don’t have to use vinegar if you don’t like the smell of it, removing it from the mixture won’t affect it’s efficiency.


You can clean earwax.

Use a small rubber pear (pharmacy), put hot water in a small container in which the soap is rubbed to make a liquid more or less soapy as needed, tilt the head above a sink on the side of the ear that needs to be treated and spray several times in your ear with the pear, Alternate by making suctions with the palm of your hand to evacuate the earwax. At the end, perform several rinses with clear water in the pear. At the beach, avoid putting your head under water before 3 or 4 days.


You can remove clothes moths from your closets.

Place our soap in your closet, a pile of laundry, or a drawer: the scent of the soap will help to remove clothes moths. A simple, effective tip.