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Solid Natural Cream with shea butter Discover our cream made from shea butter and olive oil, perfect moisturizer and restorative on all skins. A universal cream with many extraordinary properties made in a handcrafted way in Marseille.

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Our cream is universal

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Its use is very simple. Our solid cream melts in contact with the skin (more precisely the warmth of the skin), just rub it in your hands and gently apply it on your skin. Since our cream is particularly concentrated, a small quantity is sufficient for all uses. Don't use to much of it, it could melt too fast and make your skin too greasy.

Do not leave your cream in a room that is too hot, in contact with water, near the radiator or in direct sunlight, it may soften or melt. You can place it in a clutch, a small wooden holder or even in a small glass jar.

Different ways to use our cream

For face and body : On a clean skin, preferably when you just finished your bath or shower and when your skin is still a little warm, pass the cream gently, on the area, then rub it in.

For babies : On his skin or on his nappy area, make a few round trips in your hand with your cream and then warm your hands by rubbing them and finally apply on his body.

After shaving, a hair removal or a scrub : Spread a little cream on the shaved area is enough to soothe the skin. Don’t worry if you have cut yourself in the process, the cream will heal your small wound.

After Sun : If the skin is very burnt or if it is difficult to massage without causing pain, melt a small amount of cream in a Bain Marie by adding a little olive oil. When the mixture is at room temperature, apply to the area concerned as oil.

For Nails : To fortify your nails, feed them and protect them, just massage with our Cream the nail and its cuticle delicately.

In a bath ball : In a hot bath, put a little piece of cream and let it melt. Your bath will moisturize your skin and protect it.

For hands : Apply the cream on the back of the hand and on each finger and rub your hands.

Lip balm : Pass the cream like a lip stick. Personally, we always keep a little piece in a cloth in our bag or our ski jacket.

Hair Styling Wax : Pass the cream on the hair to style it the way you want. The more you put in and the shinier they will become.

Care for Hair Tips : To nourish your hair, allow 10 or 20 minutes to be put on the end of your hair or even a whole night before your shampoo. This will avoid the forks and prevents your hair from drying.

In wax or bearded balm : Pass the cream in the direction of the hair on your beard to moisturize and protect it while nourishing the hair. It also allows to fix and comb the beard.

As massage oil : Melt a piece of cream with vegetable oil (the one that will suit you best), then apply to the body at the temperature you want.